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bedding plants

I have been thinking about the way that non-fiction books order information and considering ways in which this could be translated via my own practice and interests to create a new book. so far there seems to be some major and essential step missing, but i have taken pleasure in a book on bedding plants….. a lovely title once it is out of context. I am interested in translating the photos in the book via tracing in fine-liner to simplify the images with a 70’s flower-power aesthetic.

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i am enjoying the translation via scanning, reducing size and printing, in terms of making a book i like that the finished work is the printed image, not the tracing itself. i.e. the image in the book is the work, not the documentation of the work.


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Just a little thing…

A very small, quick series of drawings documenting the train trips Justin and I have taken through Europe over the past 2 months based on our much-treasured-and-gazed-at Eurail Map.  These are the beginnings of something else, however at the moment I like that they so humbly depict what was the equivalent of crossing from the west coast of the USA to the east coast, and then back again.

In two months we’ve traveled approximately 8000kms through Europe, passing through 9 countries on 25 trains, staying in 14 cities.

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– Gabrielle

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wall animals

these are the backing papers from animal i have cut out for drawings. they have been stuck to my wall for a while. the u-tac has soaked into the paper a bit so you can see the lump behind. they remind me of the ‘wait and see’ thought in that the information is missing, or alluded to. they are sort of empty, or maybe marker for something. though maybe that is only because i know they are sticker-backs that point to a whole lot of information existing elsewhere. i like the way the hold a sort of informationless ┬áspace.

i tried scanning one as well, maybe it is a bit sanitised.


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